About Us

Fashion is the ultimate in silent self-expression and Astra aims to enhance that.  The emphasis here is on the blend; the fusion of the person and their clothing.  So many of the designs on the market today try to speak for you, but Astra's designs stay quietly potent.  Just like the asterisk symbol, Astra aims to make a statement without saying it explicitly.  Astra’s sophisticated and deliberate designs work to complete an ensemble, not suffocate it. 

"There is more to truth than just the facts."
Astra was founded upon the principles of the asterisk (*) symbol.  The asterisk stands for all the unmentioned, denounced, subliminal, prohibited, and decoyed content that is dwarfed by a more seductive message. Although misleading, the asterisk can be beautiful in its ability to expose and reveals an enlightening commentary on the environment in which it exists.
"It's about the fabric, not the fabricated."
Great moments are enjoyed, but they are also created.  Those that embody the Astra culture contribute to these moments. Don’t be consumed strictly by self-pleasure; remember to add your own flavor or even start the recipe.  Astra is made up of all sorts of creatives: artists, photographers, musicians, DJs, dancers and anyone else that shares part of themselves to improve a moment.  How are you contributing to the moment?
We also want to highlight a local print shop in the Bay Area called Spectrum Apparel Printing. They have been with us since the early stages and do amazing work with screen printing and custom shirt printing. Check them out at http://www.spectrumapparelprinting.com/